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GLOBAL G.A.P. - Good Agricultural Practice.

GLOBALG.A.P. - this is good agricultural practice.

It is currently the most widely used farm certification scheme.

Today the main engine of the GlobalG.A.P. Standard. - retail chains, processing plants and catering establishments. Guaranteeing the safety of products offered to consumers is one of the main requirements. For example, a key condition for purchased products from the vast majority of European supermarkets is compliance with the requirements of GlobalG.A.P ..


Ensuring the safety of agricultural products, health and safety of workers, environmental protection.


Increase production efficiency, business productivity and reduce waste of vital resources.


  • Clear separation of production steps and procedures;
  • A documented guarantee of the production of high-quality and safe products for both consumers and business partners;
  • Increase in profits with the help of a well-built management system;
  • Improving interaction with the rest of the food chain - suppliers, retail chains, distributors;
  • Simplification of attracting foreign investment, export of products;
  • Entering the international market.

Based on the results of the implementation of the international standard GLOBALG.A.P., enterprises can receive an international certificate to enter the international level.

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