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ISO 50001 «Energy Management System»

The ISO 50001 standard is an Energy Management System (EMS), which is the fundamental basis for creating effective and modern energy management for industrial, commercial and other enterprises and organizations.

ISO 50001 is applicable to any organization, regardless of its size and industry, which wants to:

- Ensure that it meets the requirements of its energy policy;

- Demonstrate such compliance with other interested parties (primarily business partners);

- Get confirmation of compliance (certification) of your EMS in the international certification body.

The standard is universal. Its requirements are prescriptive, i.e. defining "what should be done without determining how to do it." The organization determines the method for fulfilling its requirements.

The standard is intended both for independent use and for its use as part of other management systems, such as Quality Management System, Environmental Management System and O&A Management System.

Today, improving energy efficiency in all sectors of countries around the world is a priority development issue.

The goal of implementing the ISO 50001 standard is to provide companies with structured and comprehensive guidance on optimizing the process of energy consumption and the system management of this process.

Enterprises that have implemented the energy management system according to the ISO 50001 standard have received an objective opportunity to reduce the cost of consuming energy resources.

Efficient use of energy helps organizations save money and resources, as well as try to tackle climate change. ISO 50001 supports organizations in all sectors, in their efforts to use energy more efficiently through the development of an energy management system.

The sequence of works on the implementation of EMS in accordance with the international standard ISO 50001:

- Creation of a working group, determination of its authority and staff;

- Development of a schedule for the implementation of EMS;

- Definitions of the area and boundaries of the EMS;

- Appointment of a representative of the Energy Management System;

- The choice of organizations providing consulting services regarding the implementation of EMS;

- Definitions of the organizational structure of the EMS.


According to the results of the implementation of the international standard ISO 50001, enterprises can receive an international certificate to enter the international level.

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