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ISO 45001 «Occupational Health and Management System»

ISO 45001 - International Standard. Occupational Health and Management System.

The international standard ISO 45001 provides for the reduction of the danger of production processes to the health and work capacity of the organization’s personnel in order to increase the efficiency of the company. A properly built production safety management system for human health minimizes the consequences of incidents and accidents, including economic ones. And management, ensuring working safety and protecting health in industry, makes this threat minimal by implementing the requirements of the international standard ISO 45001. Thus, this standard increases the efficiency of the company itself.

ISO 45001 establishes a criterion for a health and safety management system and international certification can be carried out according to this standard. It can be used in any organization, regardless of type of activity or industry. The use of ISO 45001 guarantees the management and employees of the company, as well as external stakeholders, the continuous measurement and improvement of health and safety.


Benefits from using the international standard ISO 45001:

- The number of emergency situations is reduced, the costs of compensation for the consequences are reduced;

- The risks of production are reduced, including financial losses in the form of expenses on fines and payments in case of accidents;

- The norms of laws and state standards are respected;

- The areas of responsibility are clearly distributed;

- The international standard ISO 45001 is compatible with other international standards, and certification according to other management systems (ISO 9001 and others) will not cause difficulties

- Insurance and the provision of loans takes place under more loyal conditions;

- When participating in tenders or competitions, a company certified according to the international standard ISO 45001 has advantages over other participants;

- Permissions and licenses are issued according to a simplified scheme;

- The organization has a positive image with customers, shareholders, investors, partners;


The sequence of works on the implementation of OH&S MS in accordance with the international standard ISO 45001

- Creation of a working group, determination of its authority and staff;

- Development of a calendar schedule of work on the implementation of OH&S MS;

- Definitions of the area and boundaries of OH&S MS ;

- Appointment of a representative of the management of environmental health and safety;

- The choice of organizations providing consulting services regarding the implementation of OH&S MS;

- Definitions of the organizational structure of OH&S MS.

According to the results of the implementation of the international standard ISO 45001, enterprises can receive an international certificate to enter the international level.

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