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Integrated Management System (IMS)

This is the implementation of several international standards simultaneously, the optimal fulfillment of the requirements for managing the state of ecology, energy, safety, quality at the enterprise.


  • Solving problems arising from parallel / sequential implementation of several standards:
  • Duplication of processes, documents, positions and functions of departments;
  • Intricacy of interconnections between control systems;
  • The complexity of the holistic perception of the management system;
  • Low efficiency of planning, control and management in general; long term implementation of a group of standards at the enterprise;
  • Great labor intensity and need for resources.


  • Improving the manufacturability of the development, implementation and functioning of management systems;
  • Reduced development, operation and certification costs;
  • The ability to combine a number of processes within the IMS;
  • Increased mobility and ability to adapt to changing conditions;
  • Improving the image of the organization in the eyes of consumers, investors, partners, inspection bodies.

Based on the results of the implementation of the international IMS standard, enterprises can receive an international certificate to enter the international level.

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