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ISO 14001 «Environmental Management System»

ISO 14001 addresses various aspects of environmental management. It provides practical tools for companies and organizations seeking to identify and control their environmental impact and constantly improve their environmental performance.

ISO 14001 establishes the criteria for an environmental management system and international certification can be carried out according to this standard. It does not establish requirements for environmental performance, but outlines a framework that a company or organization can follow in order to create an effective environmental management system. It can be used in any organization, regardless of type of activity or industry. The use of ISO 14001 guarantees the management and employees of the company, as well as external interested parties, the continuous measurement and improvement of environmental impact.

Benefits of using the international standard ISO 14001:

- Increase the profit of the enterprise with the help of a well-built environmental management system

- Prevention and prevention of harmful effects on the environment from the activities of the enterprise

- Increasing staff employment and increasing labor productivity compared to enterprises that do not have international certificates for management systems;

- Savings in energy and material consumption

- Reduced resource allocation costs

- Improving the image among inspectors, consumers and the public

- Entering the international market

- Attracting foreign investment and loans

- Competitive advantage in state and international tenders

Implementation of the International Standard ISO 14001 will allow us to systematize our work thanks to the process approach. In turn, environmental management will allow to control all environmental impacts, as well as reduce and prevent environmental impacts.

Companies that have ISO certificates gain the trust of partners and consumers, as well as improve their image. The introduction of advanced international standards allows us to provide services not only in the Republic of Uzbekistan, but also around the world.

The sequence of works on the implementation of EMS in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001:

- Creation of a working group, determination of its authority and staff;

- Development of a schedule for the implementation of EMS;

- Definitions of the area and boundaries of EMS;

- Appointment of a representative of the EMS manual;

- Selection of organizations providing consulting services regarding the implementation of EMS;

- Definitions of the organizational structure of EMS.


According to the results of the implementation of the international standard ISO 14001, enterprises can receive an international certificate to enter the international level.

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